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3 Reasons To Consider SIAD Pest Control

Extensive Knowledge

SIAD Pest Control familiarity with ISO guidelines supports the client with the protocols regarding pest control in order to apply for safety and quality certificates. 

Superior Expertise

Our technicians have years of experience, are trained for both residential and commercial sectors, they know how our products work and where to treat. They know how to handle infestations.

They have expertise to ensure the safety of your family, staff and premises.

Unique Customer Service

We have a customized plan and program to fit your needs and we take into consideration the level of infestation and the long-term prevention.

No Fly Zone

Why let risk fly around your business.

Flies are not only a public nuisance; they can put your BUSINESS into RISK due to many damaging reasons:

Flies are unsanitary

Flies breed and lay eggs in garbage, animal feces and decaying organic materials.

Flies contaminate food

They land upon any kind of filth and carry it with them because of the sticky surface of their feet. Flies also regurgitate their stomach contents on any surface where they land including food plates.

Flies can carry disease

Flies pose a threat to public health because they carry disease-causing organisms, viruses and bacteria.

Flies breed quickly

An adult female housefly may lay up to 2,400 eggs in her lifetime. The eggs can hatch into larvae (maggots) in a single day.

Loss of Customers

The image of flies flying around your premises can signal bad hygiene to customers; why risk losing them.


SIAD Pest Control can customize a No Fly Zone program that fits your business environment and eliminate such a risk that’s harmful to both your business and public health.


We inspect and identify the types of flies and their root causes at your premises

Then, we assess the situation in terms of hygiene and sanitation

Customize N.F.Z.

Based on our findings, a customized N.F.Z. is put in place that would include a sanitation program, the timeframe needed and the type of treatment - chemical or/and mechanical.


In order to evaluate our program efficiency, we follow a well devised control platform for monitoring and reporting flying insect cases.