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3 Reasons To Consider SIAD Pest Control

Extensive Knowledge

SIAD Pest Control familiarity with ISO guidelines supports the client with the protocols regarding pest control in order to apply for safety and quality certificates. 

Superior Expertise

Our technicians have years of experience, are trained for both residential and commercial sectors, they know how our products work and where to treat. They know how to handle infestations.

They have expertise to ensure the safety of your family, staff and premises.

Unique Customer Service

We have a customized plan and program to fit your needs and we take into consideration the level of infestation and the long-term prevention.

Safety First

SIAD Pest Control solutions are more into creating a safer environment to live in, than just getting rid of pests. Our products and professional techniques are based on Bayer Quality, which cause no harm to the environment.

We cover all types of residential properties: apartments, villas, chalets, buildings…

Our customers trust us to make their homes feel safer and living standards improved especially when their families are protected not only from pests but also from any form of harmful product exposure.