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3 Reasons To Consider SIAD Pest Control

Extensive Knowledge

SIAD Pest Control familiarity with ISO guidelines supports the client with the protocols regarding pest control in order to apply for safety and quality certificates. 

Superior Expertise

Our technicians have years of experience, are trained for both residential and commercial sectors, they know how our products work and where to treat. They know how to handle infestations.

They have expertise to ensure the safety of your family, staff and premises.

Unique Customer Service

We have a customized plan and program to fit your needs and we take into consideration the level of infestation and the long-term prevention.


Species characteristics:
Adults 1-8mm long; brownish in color, body laterally compressed (streamlined) and covered with backward-directed bristles; reduction or loss of eyes; piercing mouth parts; no wings.

Domestic animals, man, rodents, birds, garden and outbuilding. Adult fleas live exclusively as parasites of warm blooded animals, especially mammals.

• Cat Flea (Ctenocephalides felis)
Adults 2-3.25mm long; found particularly in host bedding. Many infestations in commercial and institutional premises derive from feral cats.

• Dog Flea (Ctenocephalides canis)
Adults 2-3.25mm long; found particularly in host bedding.

• Human Flea (Pulex irritans)
Adults 2-3.5mm long; especially man, but will also breed on pigs, hedgehogs, foxes and badgers; found in homes, usually in bedrooms.

Each female after a blood meal laid 4-8 eggs (800-1000 eggs/2 years - life time). The development cycle from egg to adult take 4 weeks.

Areas where found:
Adult fleas live exclusively as parasites of warm-blooded animals, especially mammals, although birds may also be attacked. Whilst they show a certain degree of host preference, fleas are by no means specific and will feed on other animals in the absence of the normal host. Cat fleas are responsible for many flea infestations, the remainder being attributable to a variety of bird and animal species. Wall-to-wall carpeting also provides a relati