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3 Reasons To Consider SIAD Pest Control

Extensive Knowledge

SIAD Pest Control familiarity with ISO guidelines supports the client with the protocols regarding pest control in order to apply for safety and quality certificates. 

Superior Expertise

Our technicians have years of experience, are trained for both residential and commercial sectors, they know how our products work and where to treat. They know how to handle infestations.

They have expertise to ensure the safety of your family, staff and premises.

Unique Customer Service

We have a customized plan and program to fit your needs and we take into consideration the level of infestation and the long-term prevention.


Adults: Globular head, a large part of the surfaceof which is taken up by the compound eyes; apair of antennae, Mouthparts form a long thin projecting proboscis which in the female are designed for piercing.

Ubiquitous insects, they can be found breeding in all types of water; from small collections of water in tin cans, to pools or streams; such is their adaptability. They utilize humans as their primary host and are also willing to enter houses in their pursuit of a blood meal.

Life cycle:

Female 48hr after being adult mate (once/life/storage of sperm), blood meal stimulate egg production (30-350egg laid/batch on surface water (each 1mm length) after several day hatch to give larvae (4 dev. Stage) give pupae that develop to adult (life cycle range 10 days-6 month). (Adult lifetime few weeks)

As pest:
A seasonal biting nuisance in cooler climates but in the tropics can transmit many diseases to both humans and animals, e.g. malaria, filariasis, yellow fever, encephalitis, and dengue fever. Statistics show that 270 million people are infected with malaria alone and of those up to two million will die annually. It is this that makes the mosquito the most dangerous creature in the world.